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  • Appetisers (5 pieces)

    A.1 Mixed Appetisers$9.50

    Favourite assortment of our popular selections

    A.2 Pork and Prawns on Toast$9.00

    Deep-fried minced pork and prawns on toast

    A.3 Spring Rolls$9.00

    Thai spring rolls stuffed with minced pork, shrimps and vegetables

    A.4 Fish Cakes$9.00

    Deep-fried fish cakes served with crushed peanut & cucumber sauce

    A.5 Chicken Satay$9.50

    Barbecued skewers of chicken served with peanut sauce

    A.6 Kari Puff$9.00

    Minced chicken with sweet potato wrapped in puff pastry

    A.7 Money Bags$9.50

    Money Bag' wrappings of water chestnuts, minced pork and prawn

    A.8 Chicken Tulip$9.50

    Sculptured chicken wings marinated, fried and served with sweet chilli sauce

    A.9 Fresh Spring Rolls$11.50

    Fresh vegetable and prawns rolled in rice pastry served with Tamarind sauce and ground peanut

    A.10 Crumbed Seaweed Prawn Rolls$11.50

    Minced prawns and diced chestnuts seasoned with Thai herbs wrapped in seaweed then rolled in
    bread crumbs and deep-fried

  • Soups

    B.1 Tom Yum (Prawns/Seafood) | (Chicken)($11.50/$10.50)

    Spicy soup with lemon juice, mushroom and lemon grasswith either chicken, prawns or mixed seafood

    B.2 Tom Kha (Prawns/Seafood) | (Chicken)($11.50/$10.50)

    Lemon flavored coconut milk with galangal

    B.3 Vermicelli Soup$9.50

    Consommé of minced pork, vermicelli, bean curd and shrimps

    B.4 Tom Jued Aow Thai$11.50

    Consommé of seafood combination

  • Meat & Poultry

    C.1 Stir Fried Cashew Nuts (Chicken/Pork/Beef) | (Duck)($19.50/$23.50)

    Slices of stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and sweet roasted chilli paste

    C.2 Garlic and Pepper Sauce$18.90

    Stir fried chicken, pork, beef or lamb with garlic and pepper sauce

    C.3 Beef Oyster Sauce$18.90

    Sautéed sliced beef with vegetables and oyster sauce

    C.4 Ginger Sauce$18.90

    Stir fried chicken, pork or beef with ginger and onion sauce

    C.5 Sweet Basil Sauce (Chicken/Pork/Beef) | (Lamb) | (Duck)($18.90/$19.50/$23.50)

    Stir fried chicken, pork, lamb or beef with garlic, fresh chilli and sweet basil

    C.6 Sweet & Sour$19.90

    Stir fried combination of prawn, chicken and pork in sweet and sour sauce

    C.7 Golden Triangle$22.90

    Beef sirlion, scollop and prawns sauteed in congae with onion and capsicum in oriental sauce

    C.8 Crumbed Pork$19.90

    Pork scotch fillet dipped in crump-batter and vegetables, deep fried then served with delicious
    tamarind sauce

    C.9 Nua Thai Village$20.90

    Sliced beef sirloin sauteed in delicious oriental sauce served with steamed vegetables

  • Curry

    C.14 Panaeng Curry$18.90

    Creamy red curry of chicken, beef or pork slices with coconut milk and sweet basil

    C.15 Green Curry$18.90

    Green curry of chicken, beef or pork with coconut milk

    C.16 Red Curry$18.90

    Red curry of chicken, beef or pork with bamboo shoots and coconut milk

    C.17 Red Duck Curry$23.50

    Red curry of roasted duck with sweet basil in coconut milk

    C.18 Kaeng Mussaman Lamb$19.90

    Medium Thai curry of tender braised lamb slices with sweet potato

    C.19 Yellow Curry$18.90

    Yellow curry dish of lightly sauteed chicken with sweet potato in coconut milk

  • Seafood

    C.20 Seafood with Garlic & Pepper Sauce$23.90

    Stir fried prawns, squid, scallops and mussels with garlic and pepper sauce

    C.21 Choo Chee Prawns$24.90

    Stir fried prawns in red curry with sweet basil and coconut milk

    C.22 Prawn Cashew Nuts$24.90

    Stir fried prawns with cashew nuts and roasted chilli

    C.23 Fish with Sweet Chilli Sauce$27.90

    Deep fried whole snapper with special chilli sauce

    C.24 Seafood Basil$23.90

    A choice of scallops, squid, mussels or prawn sauteed with garlic, chilli and sweet basil

    C.25 Ginger Fish$26.90

    Snapper fillet stir fried with onion, spring onion and ginger sauce

    C.26 Pla Prik Khing$26.90

    Stir fried fish with Prik Khing curry paste and green bean aromatic kaffir lime leaves

    C.27 Choo Chee Fish (Salmon/Snapper)$26.90

    Grilled fish fillets in red curry with sweet basil and coconut milk

    C.28 Chef Preecha Calamari$24.90

    Thinly battered calamari strips mixed in sweet and sour red wine sauce

  • Salad & Veges

    D.1 Waterfall Beef$20.90

    Sliced grilled sirloin with roasted rice, chilli, mint and lemon juice

    D.2 Thai style Chicken Salad$19.90

    Fresh carrot, celery, cucumber with shredded grilled chicken topped with spicy dressing

    D.3 Siam Seafood Salad$24.90

    Spicy Thai-style salad of seafood combination with Thai herbs and lemon juice

    D.4 Pad Pak (Chicken/Pork/Beef) | (Vegetables Only) | (Prawns)($19.90/$16.00/$21.90)

    Seasonal vegetables sauteed in oyster sauce with either chicken, pork or vegetables only

    D.5 Pra-Ram$19.90

    Grilled chicken with stir fried vegetables topped with peanut sauce

  • Noodle & Rice

    H.1 Pad Thai (Chicken) | (Prawns)($18.90/$23.90)

    Traditional stir fried rice noodles with sliced chicken or prawns with bean sprouts and spring
    onions topped with crushed peanut

    H.2 Thai Village Noodles$19.90

    Stir fried egg noodle with BBQ pork and prawns with vegetable

    H.3 Fried Rice (Chicken) | (Prawns)($18.90/$23.90)

    Thai style stir fried rice with chicken or prawns

    H.4 The Drunken Chef$18.90

    Stir fried rice noodle and beef with chilli, chopped garlic and basil

    H.5 Pad Siew (Chicken or Beef)$18.90

    Stir fried flat rice noodles with dark soy sauce with either chicken or beef

    H.6 Steamed Jasmine Rice$2.50

    H.7 Steamed Vegetables$7.00

    H.8 Roti$4.00

  • Vegetarian Menu

  • Appetisers (5 pieces)

    V.1 Tofu Loog Ka-er$9.00

    Deep fried bean curd served with tamarind sauce

    V.2 Vegetarian Spring Rolls$9.00

    Deep fried Thai spring rolls stuffed with vermicelli and vegetables

    V.3 Vegetarian Kari Puff$9.00

    Mixed vegetables with yellow curry paste wrapped in puff pastry

    V.4 Corn Fritters$9.00

    Fritter of sweet corn served with cucumber sauce

    V.5 Tofu Satay$9.00

    Fried skewers of bean curd topped with peanut sauce

  • Main Course

    V.6 Vegetarian Pad Thai$17.90

    Stir fried noodles with bean curd, chopped peanut and vegetables

    V.7 Vegetarian Fried Rice$17.90

    Thai style stir fried rice with red beans, pineapple, capsicum, sweet potato and onion

    V.8 Vegetarian Green Curry$18.90

    Green curry paste with vegetables and bean curd

    V.9 Vegetarian Red Curry$18.90

    Mushrooms, green peas, bean curd and pineapple in red curry paste and coconut milk

    V.10 Vegetarian Yellow Curry$18.90

    Mild yellow curry with deep-fried bean curd, onions and potato

    V.11 Vegetarian Sweet and Sour$18.90

    Stir fried vegetables in sweet and sour sauce

    V.12 Tofu Cashew Nuts$18.90

    Stir fried bean curd with cashew nuts, vegetables and sweet roasted chilli

    V.13 Tofu & Sweet Basil$18.90

    Stir fried bean curd with garlic, fresh chilli, round bean and sweet basil

    V.14 Pad Toor Dang$18.90

    Stir fried kidney beans, cashew nuts, celery, bean curd and chilli

    V.15 The Drunken Chef Jay$18.90

    Stir fried rice noodle and vegetables with chilli, chopped garlic and basil

    V.16 Yum Pak$18.90

    Streamed vegetables with cashew nuts mixed with Thai herbs and coconut and lemon sauce topped with
    deep fried shallots